WhatsApp Plus 2023 APK Download Latest Version (Official)

Hello everyone! As we all know, WhatsApp Messenger is currently the best messaging app on Android and iOS. The reason for its popularity is its user-friendly interface and end-to-end encrypted chats and calls, but many users look for other WhatsApp MODs on the internet. If you are one of them, then this is good news for you. In this article, we will introduce the functions and download methods of WhatsApp Plus. Please continue reading.

What is WhatsApp Plus 2023?

WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that comes with many amazing features and functionalities that are not available in the official version. In this MOD, you can hide your online status, apply dynamic themes with animated backgrounds, and schedule messages to be sent automatically at specific times. It lets you customize app fonts, themes, and more. All these features are the reasons why users prefer WhatsApp Plus over the official app.

Details of WhatsApp Plus APK

NameWhatsApp Plus
VersionLatest version
APK Size45 MB
Get it OnOfficial Website
Last Updated1 day ago

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

You will not find this MOD on the Play Store as it’s not an official version. And you don’t need to go anywhere. We are providing its latest version. Just tap the “Download WhatsApp Plus” button displayed below to get the latest version.

WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus provides lots of privacy, customization, and other features to its users that are not available in the official version of WA. Here is the list of all the features:
  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • DND Mode
  • Chat Lock
  • Hide Chat
  • Chat Head Message
  • Download Profile Pics & Status
  • Real-Time Location of Your Friend
  • Dynamic Themes
  • Schedule a Message
  • Message Unsaved Number
  • Change Call Interface
  • Create Your Theme
  • Hide “Status Seen” Status
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Read Deleted Messages
  • Anti-View Once
  • Show Blue Ticks after Reply
  • Pause Your Last Seen
  • Disable Forwarded Status on Messages
  • Custom Privacy Settings for Contacts, Groups & Broadcasts
    • Hide Blue Ticks
    • Hide Second Tick
    • Hide Blue Microphone
    • Hide Typing
  • Send Photos in Original Quality
  • Share Media Files up to 80 MB
  • Upload Status in 100% Quality
  • Upload 5 Minute Status
  • Disable Media Share Limit
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • Forward Messages up to 300 Chats
  • Multiple Emoji Variants
  • Hide Muted/Viewed/Recent Status
  • Separate Chats & Groups
  • Pin More Than 3 Chats
  • Mega & Dropbox Compatibility
  • Contact Toast

Features Explanation of WhatsApp Plus

Here I’m going to explain most of the main features below. Read them to fully get them.

Pin More than 3 Chats

Official WhatsApp only allows you to pin 3 chats at the top. The official version won’t cut it when you have more contacts to pin to the top of your list. WhatsApp Plus allows you to do this at this point and you can pin as many chats as you want.

Separate Chats & Groups

You can split the list into two different tabs, one for chats and one for groups. This way you can easily find chats and groups in their own tabs.

Upload 5 Minute Status

On official whatsapp, only 30 seconds long status can be uploaded. And with WhatsApp Plus, you will be able to upload 5-minute long videos in a single status. No need to upload multiple statuses for a single song, and no breaks between them. Nice feature, right!

Contact Toast

You can enable the contact toast option when you want to be notified whenever he/she becomes available on WhatsApp. And using other applications will not affect this functionality.

Custom Privacy Settings

In WhatsApp Plus, you can hide the second tick, blue tick, and typing status in other people’s chats. You can apply any or all of these settings to contacts, groups, and broadcasts respectively. By hiding these ticks, your friends will think you are offline and you can easily read their messages

Self-Destructive Messages

When you want to delete the chat after you and the recipient have read the message, then self-destructing messages are the best option. With this setting enabled, your friends will automatically be removed from both of your chats once they see your message.

Download Profile Pics & Statuses

WhatsApp Plus allows downloading status and profile photos. When you open Status or DP, you will find the Download button in the lower right corner. Click on it to start downloading. After a few seconds, the status will be saved on your device.

DND Mode

DND mode allows you to go offline without turning off the internet. In this mode, you won’t receive messages from anyone.

Chat Head Messages

Whenever someone messages you on WhatsApp, you have to open the app to read it and reply to it. Or do the same from the notification panel. But in this WhatsApp MOD, you can enable chat heads just like Facebook Messenger. A chat head will open of the sender on receiving a new message. You can quickly open it, read it and reply to it without closing the current app.

Know Real-Time Location

WhatsApp Plus helps you know where your friends are. You send them a link, and once they open the link, you know where they are.

Schedule A Message

If you need to send a message to someone at a specific time but you are worried about forgetting or being busy with other things and delaying it, in this case, you can use the message scheduling feature in WhatsApp Plus. By selecting the intended recipient, desired time and message content, WhatsApp Plus automatically sends the scheduled message at the specified time, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting to send it.

Message Unsaved Number

With this feature, you don’t need to save other people’s numbers in WhatsApp Plus. Tap the three dots option in the upper right corner of the home screen and select the “Send message to number” option. Enter the number there and click the Open Chat button to send.

Pause Last Seen

If you don’t want others to know that you are online and using WhatsApp, then freezing the last seen is the best feature. By doing so, WA will show your last seen at xx:xx time to all your contacts. (xx:xx is the time when you activated this feature).

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Hiding second tick & blue tick can get you in trouble if you reply to any message. To eliminate these risks, WhatsApp plus added a new feature “Show Blue Ticks After Reply”. As the name suggests, as soon as you reply to your friend, WhatsApp+ will show blue ticks in his/her chat.

WhatsApp Plus Download and Installation Guide

Below we explain all the installation steps in detail one by one. Read them and follow the instructions to install the APK on your device.
  • If it’s your first time installing the APK from outside the Play Store, permission will appear asking you to enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”. Please allow to do it, navigate to “Settings >> Security”.
  • Download WhatsApp Plus APK from the given download button in this post.
  • After the APK is downloaded, go to the File Manager and navigate to the Download folder and open it.
  • Then the installation window will open. Tap on the Install button.
  • The APK will start installing on your device. Let it be complete.
  • After its completion, open the app, create an account, and enjoy its features.

Different names for WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus has become a popular alternative to the standard version of WhatsApp. However, there are more other names, like descargar whatsapp plus or whatsapp plus for whatsapp. and also more people want to download the whatsapp plus original version too. Except for this, there are also apps named as whatsapp plus azul, whatsapp plus descargar. You can also download the version of whatsapp plus v.17.00 or whatsapp plus version 17.
Here, whatsapp plus actualizar is another name for whatsapp plus download. Whatever the actualizar whatsapp plus or gb whatsapp plus and whatsapp plus apk, all are WhatsApp Plus.


Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use?
Yes. WhatsApp Plus APK is completely safe to use. It’s malware-free and doesn’t require a rooted device for installation.
What is Contact Toast?
When you enable contact toast for any contact, you will get a notification whenever he comes online. This feature works all the time no matter you are active on WhatsApp or not. So, it’s a very useful feature. You can use other apps while waiting for someone.
Can I hide my online status?
Yes. You can hide your online status by freezing your last seen. The time when you activate this freezing feature will be your last seen time shown in others WA.
Can I send pics in original resolution?
Yes. Go to the WhatsApp Plus Settings >> Universal Settings. Here, enable the “Send Images in Best Quality” option. It will disable the compression of pics while sending to others.
How to update the WhatsApp plus?
Just delete the old apk file and the new apk from this site; here we will always keep the latest version. Remember to back up your data before you delete your old one.
How to use WhatsApp plus safely?
Please read our “use whatsapp plus safely” blog.


There are many other MODs available for download, like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsAPP, YO WhatsApp, WhatsApp Pro, etc. but WhatsApp Plus has better additional features than other MODs. So, friends, what are you waiting for? Get the latest version and enjoy all these features. And share your thoughts on this with us in the comments. Have a great day!
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