YoWhatsapp APK 9.90.0 Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban) | 2020

YoWhatsapp APK Download: Everyone is finding some Mod version to make their life flexible as the ordinary WhatsApp application does not satisfy all that the users need. People are more into finding the applications and Technology which make the life full of ease. The advancement in technology demands the enhancement of features in the old applications and the modded versions are there for full of these exciting features which satisfy all what do users require and what they want. YoWhatsApp is one of the modded version of WhatsApp and was brought into existence by developer Yousef Al-Basha.

YoWhatsapp APK Download

Yousef Al Basha was the initial developer of this application and he developed the image of what he had in his mind and brought forward a proper application with many exciting features that no other WhatsApp application had. This should be remembered that this is not the development of the official WhatsApp site and should not be considered their application as it has developed by third party users and in case of Yo WhatsApp third-party developer was Yousef Al Basha who developed this application in the best possible way he could.

He added to the already existing features of WhatsApp but made doors to features that are more attractive than original versions. These features are crucial for the needs of the users. you can check our page and you may find other versions of WhatsApp which are the modded versions like Yo WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, GB WhatsApp, aero WhatsApp and many other exciting versions of WhatsApp which makes the life full of fun.

YoWhatsApp APK Download 2020

YoWhatsapp APK Download

YoWhatsApp (YOWA) APK Download Latest Version

Download YOWA APK (34 MB)

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YoWhatsapp APK Information

The complete information for Yo WhatsApp has been already given in our site and you can read the information for your best acknowledgment of all the features it carries. You should first read the information given here because if the information and the phone version are not compatible with each other you may suffer crashing of WhatsApp. This application may not even run in your Android devices. So have a look at the information given below Before downloading and installing this version in your Android smartphones.

Version 9.90
Size 57 MB
Mod WhatsApp
Available at Google Play
Updated June 22, 2020

Why Yo WhatsApp APK Over The Official WhatsApp?

A question arises why should one choose Yo WhatsApp APK over the official WhatsApp and what good it has in it that it should be chosen and not the official WhatsApp application. The best and one of the most important features which Yo WhatsApp carries is its anti Ban properties which may also be given by other versions of WhatsApp but this version is quite safe to use and WhatsApp may not find your account running on earth.

Exclusive Features Of YoWhatsApp


you all are concerned with the privacy options of WhatsApp. the chats present on official WhatsApp application are end to end encrypted and that means that the chat is only between you and the loved one you are talking to. this chat is not read by any other person.

  • Freeze last seen Yo WhatsApp allows you to freeze your last seen present. Last seen means that nobody will know that when you last saw your WhatsApp or when you were last activated on this account. People when knowing that when you last visited the WhatsApp they disturb your work to limit them you can freeze the last seen in Yo WhatsApp
  • Who can call me? You can restrict the number of contacts who can call you. This feature is not available on official WhatsApp application but Yo WhatsApp provides you with the opportunity to limit the number of contacts who can call you and limit others who cannot connect to you.
  • Hide view status this feature states that you can see the status update of your friends and hide your view status. The hiding of your status means that nobody will know that you have seen their status while you have seen it. A real amazing feature isn’t it?
  • Anti delete messages Yo WhatsApp allows you an amazing opportunity of anti delete messages and you can read the messages of the person who deleted the message after sending you. You can even read those messages by enabling this option.
  • Anti delete status: status updates of your friends can be seen even if they delete their status. this can be seen by activating the reader of deleted status in your mobile devices, via WhatsApp’s latest version.
  • Show blue ticks after reply to the ordinary WhatsApp allows the ticks to turn to a blue color when you read the message but Yo WhatsApp allows the turning of ticks to Blue only when you reply to that particular chat. when your friend will know that you have seen their message and not replied to it, it will make them angry and they won’t even care about how busy your schedule is. Yo WhatsApp provides you with the feature of turning ticks blue only when you reply to your friend.


Customization is what one wants the most from Yo WhatsApp as the ordinary WhatsApp allows only a green theme and that it is not wanted by many official sites. In this era, we all want some basic features with us and also some customized features according to our taste. Different people have different taste and Yo WhatsApp fulfill their taste by giving the option of customization and they can customize the screens and conversation charge according to their own choice.

  • Yo theme store there is the presence of Yo theme store and you can download the themes from that store and change the themes of your taste.
  • Customize home and conversion screen Yo WhatsApp allows you customization of home and conversation screen and you can change the screen and home according to your own will

YoWhatsapp APK

Now, comes the most interesting part of YoWhatsApp. This is absolute freedom to customize the Whatsapp and make it work and look exactly how you wanted to be. YoWhatsApp comes with tons of exciting features in its latest update, there’s no limit what you can change in the Whatsapp. Everything can be customized in no time the way you want. So, Let’s talk about all the YoWhatsApp Mods available to use in YoWhatsapp.

Universal Mods

YoWhatsapp APK Download

  • application language you can change the language according to your own choice and Yo Whatsapp allows you to change the text to any language you require if you enable this feature
  • change launcher icon there is an option for changing the launcher icon and you can change it according to your choice
  • conversation cards in recent memory presence of conversation cards in recent memory. Ordinary WhatsApp does not provide you with the conversation card in the recent memory but Yo WhatsApp provides you with their feature
  • close conversations screen by swiping left to right you can close any conversation by swiping the screen left to right. A fabulous option isn’t it?
  • enable/disable counter badge from the launcher home screen there’s an opportunity to enable or disable the counter batch from the launcher home screen of WhatsApp
  • disable audio playing notifications in status bar Yo WhatsApp allows you to disable the audio playing notifications in the status bar. This allows you to disable the notifications very easily

Home Screen Mods

  • set your name instead of WhatsApp text on the home screen you can set your name rather than the shadow of WhatsApp text on the home screen. This allows you to customize the name according to your taste
  • change the text size of home screen Yo WhatsApp allows you to change the text size of the home screen according to your will
  • hide chat divider there are different dividers present in the chats. The chats are divided from grey color dividers and you can hide rows by using this latest version
  • contact online you can contact online people regardless of who you are very easily.

Conversation Screen Mods

  • set custom wallpaper/photos Yo WhatsApp allows you to set custom wallpaper and photos you can change the wallpaper and photos of your own choice. you can even place your photo inside that wallpaper
  • hide contact profile pictures you can hide the contact profile pictures you are talking to. People have more interest in our life than their own and you can hide the person you are talking to by hiding his profile picture.
  • hide contact name and call button it allows you to hide the name of the contact you are talking to and Call button.No other WhatsApp Mod allows this feature but it is enabled by Yo WhatsApp
  • hide date and time when copying messages you can hide the date and time when required when you are copying different messages. it can be enabled when you want in the later stages of your life.

Other Exciting Features Of YoWhatsApp

  • see images In full resolution
  • send more than 10 images at a time
  • send videos up to 700 MB
  • inbuilt WhatsApp locker

Frequently Asked Questions About YoWhatsApp

What is Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp and is not the same as ordinary WhatsApp. It carries features that are much more enhanced and better than the official WhatsApp application and has attracted many users around the globe. You should download it in your Android devices to know what good it has for you and whatnot.

Is YoWhatsApp Safe?

If you are concerned regarding the safety of WhatsApp so let me remind you that it is safe and you are free from banned from the official WhatsApp application even if the essential account present on this site.

How Can I update My YoWhatsApp?

You can easily update your WhatsApp from our site. the link given on our site is completely updated and there is no spam present. Whenever Google will update its application, you don’t have to worry as it will get updated on its own.

YoWhatsapp APK Download

YoWhatsApp APK (YOWA) Download Latest Version

Yo WhatsApp APK Download (34 MB)

If you want to know how you can download the latest version of WhatsApp, continue reading this article. First of all, open the applications of your Android device and go to the setting option and open the privacy from your Android device. once you open the privacy tab, you should now click on enable from unknown sources download. When unknown sources download option is enabled, you can now go to the link of this application downloaded. In your file section, open the link of that file and install that application. You are now ready to use this application. login and give your required data for enjoying the features.

The Final Verdict

Summing my article, I should say that Yo WhatsApp contains all whatever user requires in terms of privacy, anti Ban features, anti revoke function, do not disturb mode, hiding online status, hide and delivery ticks, and also removing forward on forwarded messages. This application is one of the best in revolutionary changes of Technology and brings forward all that we as a user want from WhatsApp. So what are you waiting for? Download this application in your Android devices for using this application.

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