WhatsApp Plus APK v9.90.0 Download Latest Version For Android 2020

WhatsApp Plus APK Download: What comes in our mind when we say the word WhatsApp? It is one of the most used messaging applications and is favorites among teens. We cannot imagine our life without WhatsApp as we are so dependent upon it in our daily lives. WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp, which is developed by the unofficial site of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

It is not a part of the WhatsApp application and is not developed by the official WhatsApp developers. Other modded versions of WhatsApp include OG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp has More than 500 million users, and the number of people using WhatsApp is increasing every second. Even I am fond of WhatsApp, and I cannot imagine my life without WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest version (Official) 2020

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In this article, we have tried to cover all the essential features and uses of WhatsApp Plus, and we are sure that after reading this article, you will uninstall the official WhatsApp application and install this modded version of WhatsApp called as WhatsApp Plus. If You are already using OG WhatsApp, then this WhatsApp Plus is definitely for you as you can use both versions of WhatsApp in your mobile phones, and you do not need to change the versions as you can use both of them simultaneously.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download: It brings us a large number of features like hiding online status, customization of icons, marking stars over the essential messages, reading the words without letting the Ticks being blue.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

People often think that these applications are full of bugs and viruses. that it’s not true if we talk about WhatsApp plus as I myself use this version of WhatsApp. the only thing you need to do while downloading it is to become cautious of not using your permanent number. use a temporary number for using WhatsApp Plus and also use it for your secondary accounts only which you use for chatting and talking to your friends. Do not use that for a primary account that contains important data or business accounts. WHATS NEW IN THE LATEST VERSION OF

What’s new in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2020

Latest version 2.19.17 (updated for 2020
You can add participants in different groups of your own choice
there is a new logo for notification bar
there is a new set design option
new emojis added to the emoji section
you can log the design settings of your own choice

WhatsApp Plus APK information

Version 9.90.0
Size: 57.1 MB
MOD by: GbPlus
Update: June 15, 2020
Available at: Google Play
Download WhatsApp Plus Latest APK

Features overview of WhatsApp Plus (Descargar Whatsapp Plus Gratis)


  • You can hide the blue ticks once you read the message
  • you can hide your online status
  • you can hide the secondary blue ticks
  • You can hide the recordings of your own choice
  • you can hide your writing status
  • You can hide your view status
  • you can enable or disable the anti-revoke function of privacy

Plus settings

  • Variety of new sticker packs available
  • there is a presence of cleaner
  • there is an option for auto-reply to text messages
  • there is a sticker maker of your own choice
  • variety of wallpapers for different chat are available
  • you can customize the chat screen
  • you can customize different widgets
  • there is the presence of backup and restore option so you may not lose your data
  • you can share video up to 50 MB
  • you can send the audio up to 100 MB
  • you can send high-quality images with the help of WhatsApp plus
  • variety of different fonts are available for writing in different styles
  • you can lock your WhatsApp for privacy options

General settings

  • You can restart WhatsApp plus
  • there is a do not disturb mode, and you can activate at
  • You can customize the chats and make them private
  • there is a message scheduler so you can send scheduled messages to your friends and family

Advantages of using WhatsApp+

There is a possibility that you have been using WhatsApp for months, and you do not know about the coolest features which are present in WhatsApp Plus. I am going to describe in detail each of these features, and I am sure you will love WhatsApp plus after knowing these features.

Hide online status: There is a tremendous feature of hiding online status in WhatsApp Plus. In this busy life, all of us want to hide online status as we are not in a mood sometimes to reply to our friends, and if we don’t reply to them despite being online, it creates a sense of fight between two people. WhatsApp plus provides you with this feature of hiding your online status, and you can still be online and scroll down the WhatsApp without showing your online status to your friends.

Hide blue ticks: WhatsApp plus brings you an option for hiding blue ticks. According to this option, if you read the messages of your friends, the tick which turns blue after reading will not turn blue. This is an amazing use of WhatsApp Plus as it helps us to read the messages without replying or applying messages later when we get time. It is not present on the official WhatsApp application, but WhatsApp plus has this feature of hiding blue ticks.

< i class="wp-svg-arrow-right arrow-right"style="color:#f94313;"> Writing status: When you write messages to others, there else a word written ‘typing’ on the front of the screen below the name of that person. WhatsApp plus brings you an amazing opportunity to hide this writing status. Your friend won’t know that you are writing something as it won’t show at his status bar. you can even hide your recording status, and your friend won’t know that you are recording a voice over for him. Both of these options are amazing at as it brings you a sense of privacy despite being typing the text.

Sticker Packs: WhatsApp Plus APK brings you a variety of different sticker packs which were not available previously. you can even make your stickers with the help of sticker maker. The use of ordinary text messages makes WhatsApp usage boring, and we all like to add stickers. So there is the availability of making your stickers for making WhatsApp more fun for users.

Cleaner: The cleaner is present inside the WhatsApp Plus, and this is one of the best features for those who forget to delete different chats on messages, double chats and saved pictures are present in his phone in duplicated form and WhatsApp plus helps you to get rid of this junk and clear memory.

Wallpapers: In the current Era, we get bored with using the same wallpapers. WhatsApp plus brings you are an amazing opportunity to shift between different wallpapers and adjust the wallpaper of your own choice. It even allows you to save the wallpapers from your gallery and even save your picture as wallpaper behind the chats. you can even shift between different themes in WhatsApp Plus

Auto-reply: There is an option present of auto-reply to the text, and it enables you to reply automatically to different text if you have enabled is inside your WhatsApp plus after installing the application

Themes: There is an option for customization of the WhatsApp theme interface, and it allows you to choose the theme of your own choice. there is a variety of WhatsApp MODS present over the internet, and very few of them allow you to change different themes according to your own choice. WhatsApp Plus is one of the remedies which allows you to change the themes of your taste as using the same theme is boring and makes using WhatsApp plus less fun.

Customization: WhatsApp plus provides you with a customization option. You can customize the chat screen, conversation screen, message screen, and notification bar of your own choice. There only a few MODS which provide you with customization option and WhatsApp Plus latest version 2020 provide you with the option of customization of charts

Sharing: Plus provide you with the option of sharing. you can share the audio up to hundred MB and video up to 50 MB over the WhatsApp. Images will be sent to your friends in the best quality. it also provides an opportunity to send more than 30 pictures at a time to your friends.

Security: When we talk about the safety of WhatsApp, it is totally safe to use. there is no threat to data present in WhatsApp plus as we have made it the most secure application till now. Hence, WhatsApp Plus is safe, and you can easily use it without the fear of losing your data.

Logs and history: WhatsApp plus records your logs in history correctly, and you can get all your call log history inside the application. The time and date and the length of conversation are always mentioned along with the name of the person calling in the log history.

Fonts and style: There are different fonts and styles available for using WhatsApp Plus and you can use any of the font styles. You may use different fonts according to your taste. WhatsApp plus allows people to use a variety of fonts and styles for writing messages.

Disadvantages of using Whatsapp Plus MOD

WhatsApp Plus is not an official WhatsApp application. Still, it is developed by third party users, and it is prone to get banned by WhatsApp if they find any illegal activity going on. It is therefore advised not to use the same feature frequently as WhatsApp will sense your account, and it may get blocked. It is also advisable not to use your permanent phone number for using WhatsApp plus. if you want to use a modded version of WhatsApp Plus, you should use any temporary number, so in case your account gets Ban, you may use an account created on the permanent phone number, which is your primary account.

Installation guide

The installation guide for modded versions of WhatsApp has already been discussed in previous articles. Still, if you have any doubts regarding them, we will again tell you the procedure for installing WhatsApp plus on your mobile phones.

You have to enable “unknown sources” located in settings>Security.

Click on the downloading link given at our site and then wait for the application to get downloaded on your mobile phones. Once it is downloaded, find this downloaded file, open that file and install it on your mobile phones. You are now free to use its features.

Final thoughts

Summing up my article, I must say that WhatsApp Plus is one of the coolest application ones that can ever come across. It provides you with a variety of features that Original WhatsApp fails to bring. So if you want to enjoy the features of WhatsApp plus, what are you waiting for? Download WhatsApp plus in your mobile phones and enjoy the fabulous features of WhatsApp Plus in your Android smartphones

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