WhatsApp Mix APK v8.45 Download Latest Version For Android 2020

WhatsApp Mix APK Download: Today due to the use of Technology the world of socialization is reaching the heights of the sky. People are so busy and connecting with each other that they have literally forgotten their personal life. WhatsApp has provided them a platform for sharing different kinds of pictures and photos images and videos to friends. It has provided them one of the best platforms available on the Internet which has already connected people around the globe. It has brought people closer and has lessened the distances of more than Seas between two people talking to each other. The family of WhatsApp is separated by color and land but they are connected by a single application called WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mix APK Download

It has many users and the users are currently becoming more and more as they are seeing the WhatsApp being advancing. there are a variety of modded versions developed for WhatsApp which includes GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, mix WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, and NS WhatsApp. A variety of other application modded versions are also present which include GB Instagram and Instagram plus. You should visit our site and you can get all of the modded versions on our site. You can comment on your problems in the comment section below if you have any queries regarding these modded versions or you are suffering from any problem regarding the download and installation of these applications.

Why use WhatsApp Mix APK?

Developers of WhatsApp Mix and official WhatsApp application are both very different and both of them should not be considered as the development of a single party. WhatsApp Mix is developed by third-party developers when they sensed that the basic official application lacks few of the essential features which are user-friendly and which are the need of the users in the current era. They tried to make WhatsApp a better experience by adding those features which were the need of users and enhanced the features. Modded versions are always better than the original version as they have some features more than the original version and they pass in the features as compared to the original version of the WhatsApp application. so if you want to know that what is WhatsApp mix latest version, read this article in detail and all the queries inside your head will be answered if you read that only once.

WhatsApp Mix APK Info

APK NameWhatsApp Mix
APK Version Updated
Required Android
Category WhatsApp
Developer Nairo Mix
Last Updated 1 day ago
All the information for WhatsApp Max is given in the information section below and you should go to the section before you download this Android magical application in your smartphones. The information will let you know that if this application is friendly with your mobile phones or not and if you should get inside your WhatsApp or not. Give it a quick read before you download this divine application

Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

There are a variety of features which are very distinct to WhatsApp mix APK and which makes your experience a divine experience on this platform

  • One of the greatest advancement in WhatsApp Mix is that you can enable anti revoke function which will enable you to read the messages of your friends which the friend has already deleted
  • it has a variety of multimedia options which will provide you with some features for sending large multimedia files at a single time
  • you can enable the number of contacts who can call you and get rid of the frequent contacting of different people when you don’ require that
    the most important part which is the most essential one as well is that WhatsApp makes is free of banned when you use the number of other modded versions you can be caught but when you use WhatsApp mix APK you are free from blocking
  • you can remain online without hiding your online status
  • you can limit the number of contacts you can hide the double ticks
  • when you enable this option you can hide the turning of ticks to the blue color when someone read your message
  • you can hide the profile image of the person you are contacting to
  • you can delete copied messages date and time
WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version Download

What’s New in the Latest Version

WhatsApp Mix APK has some real magical features which are not present in the other versions. The new version of WhatsApp Mix is better as compared to the previous one and others as it is free of bugs. The other features which benefit users are given below

  • Anti Ban function so which protect you from Banning
  • anti revoke function can be enabled
  • new packs of different kinds of stickers are available
  • you can set the notification Bubbles for different chats according to your own choice
  • you can enable the number of people contacting you
  • the new version is free of viruses and bugs
  • the link is free of spam

WhatsApp Mix APK features in detailed


With the use of WhatsApp Mix, you can send multimedia at a larger level then using Original WhatsApp application. This new Android application which is a mod, allows you to send more than 50 images at a single time to your friends while the official WhatsApp application allows only nine pictures to send at one time. If you use this application, you are saved from the fatigue of frequently sending the images to your friend.

Privacy and security

The privacy and security Promises of WhatsApp Mix are kept and they have provided you with one of the securest applications you will ever come across. It is totally secure and they are more than concerned about your privacy. All your chats are encrypted and they are end to end and there is no person between you and the person you are talking to. Download this application to enjoy the security and privacy which it provides you with. It is not provided by other applications of the internet.


There is an option of customization in WhatsApp mix APK latest version which allows you the turning of the bubble to any color you want. You can adjust the icons present on the WhatsApp mix according to your own choice. with it, whatever icon you like, you can display it. Customization options are provided to you by WhatsApp Mix APK latest version app

Forward Tag

In Official WhatsApp application the forwarded messages are labeled as forwarded on them which makes other people know that it is forwarded to the person but by using WhatsApp mix, you can remove that for real if you disable this option

WhatsApp status, themes, stickers and much more

When you use the official WhatsApp application it allows you only a few characteristics for a status update, for example, you can only mention your status up to 200 words. this is very annoying sometimes when we want to write a long status update. themes and stickers are not up to our standard so modded version has enabled you to update WhatsApp status of more than 200 words. variety of different stickers are available which you can use according to your choice and according to the chat and mood you want.

Installation guide for WhatsApp Mix APK

The installation guide for WhatsApp Mix is the same as that of other modded versions available on our site.

The guidelines have already been stated to you and you should follow the steps to get this Android application inside your mobile devices to enjoy the best features it has itself. Each step given in the guide is important and it will guide you towards your final application.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Mix APK

What are the uses of WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?
There are a variety of tremendous mods like WhatsApp Mix which provide you work like the most important and advantages feature of WhatsApp Mix is that it has the presence of anti Ban function which will help you to get saved from the banning of the official site of WhatsApp application. It is totally safe to use and you get a variety of different features like hiding your online status and hiding the typing action, there is an enabling of anti-ban function which enables you such a tremendous feature like reading the status for the chat which the person you are talking to has deleted already.
WhatsApp Mix APK is safe, will I be banned?
WhatsApp Mix APK is not developed by the official developers of WhatsApp but it is an official application. It is totally safe and you will not be banned from using this WhatsApp Mix. Other modes are prone to banning and official WhatsApp what finds account permanently or temporarily block those accounts but while you use WhatsApp mix it makes it is totally safe.
How to update WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?
Stay away from the worry of update of WhatsApp mix MOD as it gets updated automatically as the Google applications get updated. If you have downloaded this application, don’t worry about the update as it is itself one of the most updated application versions and also it gets updated from time to time as soon as the update comes.
Can I install WhatsApp Mix APK in my device?
The only prerequisite for installing WhatsApp Mix in your Android devices is that you have Android 4.1+. if your device is not updated up to this version of Android, this application is not for you to install as it will not run smoothly in your Android devices. so it is told you beforehand that you should not install this application if you have Android less than 4.1.
Why I am not able to open WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?
If WhatsApp APK mod is not opening in your Android devices, your devices might contain a bug or the link is spam from which you have downloaded it, you should first get rid of that particular application and get your device free of bugs and viruses and then Re-download it and you will be able to open WhatsApp mix APK Mod latest version.

Final Verdict

Stay tuned here on our official site to know more about the modded versions and all the features which these modes contain inside themselves for the ease of the users. WhatsApp Mix is one of the magnificent application with features which no other application provides you in real-time. So what are you waiting for? Download this application to please yourself with all the features it contains inside it for its users.

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