Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD (GBWA, WhatsApp Plus, OGWA)

How to Use WhatsApp MOD Safely, Without Getting Ban?

Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD is currently one of the most used social media applications. It is used as a widespread form for sharing pictures and extending their portfolios in terms of chatting and sharing different kinds of images and images with each other. WhatsApp currently has more than 500 million users, and more than a million users are now using WhatsApp. They are very fond of using this application as it has helped them to lessen distances, and they can talk to their loved ones in no time.

Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD

The family of WhatsApp is differentiated by the places where they live, but they are connected by a single application known as WhatsApp. There are a variety of modded versions established without law for WhatsApp, which includes GB WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp and many other mods that are currently famous among many people. Hence, while talking about WhatsApp Mod, it is imperative to tell you that these are third-party applications, and they helped people to extend themselves in terms of photo sharing and chatting. These modes are even better than the original WhatsApp application. People are so much concerned about safety for the usage of these WhatsApp mods as they are getting banned frequently.

Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD

It should be stated here that the only way you get banned from the official WhatsApp application is if you use these modded versions features frequently. All the elements are user-friendly, but they should be used in a proper limit as over usage of any function can lead to the banning of its users. Many mods are safe, and many techniques allow you to use these mods safely.

Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD

The first one is that you should not use your number. Rather, you should use some temporary phone numbers for using these mods. The further details of these mods and properties of these modded versions and how you can render yourself safe is given this article. Read it to get to know about how you can make yourself safe while use GB WhatsApp Android modded versions.

What are GBWA, Whatsapp Plus, OGWA?

Many people don’t even know what WhatsApp Mod is. The answer is straightforward that these are the third-party applications that were developed by different users. It is not a development of the official WhatsApp application and hence is produced by some third party users. These modded versions are created for helping out the youth to get what they want in terms of chatting experience. It has made the chatting experience of many people easy. These modded versions are trending around the globe for exciting and straightforward features with they contain inside them and have helped the users to enjoy chatting due to its anti Ban function.


Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD:  These modded versions are not available on the Google Play Store as they have violated the terms and policies which the official WhatsApp application has provided. That’s why they will never allow their uploading on Google Play Store. The users for downloading them WhatsApp modes have first to enable downloading from unknown sources. While they enable this option, they are now able to download the mod in Android devices. They have first to type the type of mod they want in the Android devices; a link will popup. They can click on any link to download the mod. It is mentioned that the side should be a trusted one, and if not, the link may be full of spam, and the Mod will not run smoothly. After downloading, the next option comes for the installation of this application. The installing while complete will lead to an account formation on these modded versions and start using the numerous features it has.

Do not use a primary phone number, use a temporary number instead

The first and foremost rule for marking yourself safe while using these modded versions are using a temporary phone number. Many people use their permanent phone number when they use WhatsApp mod and WhatsApp if they find their account, block it. It depends upon WhatsApp developers that if there temporarily or permanently block the accounts. Temporarily blocked accounts can be recovered, but if you are blocked permanently, you cannot recover your account, and you are not allowed to use WhatsApp with that number ever. So it is advised to you that you should use your temporary number for using the WhatsApp as if that number gets blocked by the WhatsApp.

Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD You still have your permanent number. The most advantageous feature is that if you get blocked by that, you can throw out that number of yours, and you can get another number of your choice. It is the absolute rule for marking yourself safe while using this particular application. Also, it is advised that you should use your secondary WhatsApp account on these modded versions. do not ever use your family WhatsApp account, which contains your important documents and files as you will be able to use your data even when WhatsApp blocks you.

Do/Don’t use these features in WhatsApp MOD

Official WhatsApp account allows you the video status of 30 seconds. If you want to render yourself safe while you use these modded versions, it is required that you should restrict your update of video status to 30 seconds only. Modded versions allow the video status update of 6 minutes, and if WhatsApp finds such long status updates, they may find you and block your account. So it is better that you use these features while and being in limit so as you are not caused any harm by official WhatsApp application, and they are not causing the blockage of your application.

Longer Status:

As you all know that these modded versions have helped people a lot in terms of chatting and made the experience of them as one of the best experiences of one’s life. There is an option for hiding your online status if you use any mod, hiding online status is present on various modes of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, Plus WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp and you can hide your presence on the Internet which otherwise is shown to your contacts. When you use these modded versions, it is requested to you that you should not use this hiding online status option if you want to save yourself from getting blocked.

If you use this option frequently for more often then, WhatsApp will find your accounts and will block your account from using it, and you will not have any sister WhatsApp. As prevention is always better than cure, following this proverb, you should not use the hiding online status option provided by various modes.

Don’t Hide Blue Ticks:

There is no option to hide the blue ticks present inside the WhatsApp modded versions. These mods allow you to mask the blue ticks. Does the question arise, what are the blue ticks? The answer is that these ticks are proof that the person you have sent a message has read your message. Whenever the person understands the message that clicks of WhatsApp Turn to Blue, which shows that after delivery, the person has also read your message, it sometimes creates a fuss if we forget to reply to the contacts in our busy life.

Some people are busy using this feature in the modded versions, and they able to hide that they have read the other person’s message. This is such a nice feature and helps us to escape release fights, but on the other hand, it makes us prone to banning by WhatsApp as official WhatsApp does not allow the feature. So it is advised to you that you should not use this feature frequently and you should be cautious while using your WhatsApp experience of these modes

< i class="wp-svg-arrow-right arrow-right"> Do Not Disturb (DND) Mod

There is a presence of do not disturb mode, which allows to not people to let you worry while you are busy in your life. Do not disturb mode is always present inside WhatsApp Mod. it is one of the essential features which the official WhatsApp application does not allow you. Still, if we use the modded versions of WhatsApp life NS WhatsApp, aero WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, YO WhatsApp, they allow you to use this great feature inside their applications. You can use do not disturb mode and restrict the contacts who may be able to contact you at the same to you whom you can allow enabling to bother you.

People have a habit of poking their nose inside our business, and they continuously halt your privacy. This is no more a fuss as Mod are available which help you to use this do not disturb feature. There is no presence of them inside of the official WhatsApp application, and if WhatsApp finds you using this particular feature, they will block your account of WhatsApp. It depends on them that if they temporary or permanent block it. So it is advised to you that you should not use do not disturb mode on these modded versions as you can get blocked.


Concluding my article, I should say that you should be aware of the above-given features, and you should not use them frequently inside your Android devices when you are using the mods. The mods can be of any type of mod available on the Internet, which includes GB WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, aero WhatsApp. Also, these modded versions are not available on the Internet, and people have to do the fatigue of downloading from various links available on the web.

The downloading process of these modded versions has been updated on our site, and you can check the steps for downloading. Reminding you again that you should follow the proverb of prevention is better than the treatment, so do not overuse of a particular feature in these modded versions to let yourself safe. If you have any more questions, you can type that person in the comment section below, and we will try our level best to guide you in the best possible way ever and to help you reach your destination.

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