OGInstagram APK 10.14 Download Latest version (2020)

We all know about OGInstagram APK Download that it is one of the largest platforms for sharing photos, videos, live streaming and story feed with our friends. It has helped many people to extend their portfolios, and the people from low class to athletes, actors, models, and singers, all use Instagram to socialize. It has helped them to upload their pictures and videos and no time to extend their family of Instagram.

Official Instagram applications lack some basic features, which were the need of users, and the developers of OG Instagram felt the need for this by the users. They developed these modded versions of Instagram, which contains all the basic features, as well as the features, which were more beneficial and less harmful than the original application. It contains such glittery features that attract users all over the globe.

What’s OGInstagram APK Download?

OGInstagram is one of the developments of third party users who have developed this application for the convenience of the users. It is not a site of official WhatsApp application developers, but it has a completely separate identity and developers.it is one of the modded versions, and by a mod, we mean the copy of the original version with the features which even surpass the original application.

Third-party users develop this application, and Google does not allow its upload on Google Play Store, so while you want to download it, you will not be able to get it on Google Play Store as it is restricted there. This application is found on different kinds of links available on the web, and you can find the link to download this particular application in Android devices from our site.

OGInsta APK Download for Android

OGInsta APK Information

Size25 MB
Modded By OG Insta Team
OGInsta APK’s latest version is now updated by the developers, and it is one of the most updated applications you will ever found on Instagram. The OG Instagram team develops it, and the size of the application is only 25 MB is, which is much less space in comparison to such vast features that it provides you. You should read the InformationInformation given here before you download this application on your mobile phones for your own sake. If the compatibility of Information and your phone is not present, this application will not run smoothly inside your phones and will create multiple occasional hanging of your phones.

OGInstagram APK Download Exclusive Features

  • Download Photos, videos to your Android device
  • Download stories directly to your device
  • Use 2 Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same app
  • Zoom-in profile pictures and photos
  • Auto start videos with sound ON

Download Photos, Videos to your Android device in OGInstagram APK Download

By using OG Instagram, you can download pictures as OGInstagram APK Download has provided you with the feature to download different kinds of videos and photographs to your Android galleries. It is a Hallmark of OGInstagram APK Download as the downloading option is restricted in official Instagram has provided. It has affected many users around the world. in this current advancement of Technology, downloading option is currently available in nearly every device and every social media application, but Instagram has not yet allowed downloading the pictures that have offended many users, and they are more into finding different kinds of Mod version which allow this option to ease their life.

OGInstagram Download

To let you know, the downloading option is very easy, and you can download the picture, links in a single click. You need to click on the 3rd icon given on the top right corner of the pictures. It will give all of you to download, and If you click on the downloading option, the download will begin. By the end of the downloading, the particular picture or a specific video downloaded will be present inside your phone gallery. It is such an amazing feature that can take place in a few moments and help you to gain the best experience over Instagram.

Download Images and Videos Posted On Story Feed With The Help Of OG Instagram

There is good news for all the people who want to download different kinds of images and videos posted on the story feeds of your friends. Now you can easily download the story feed of your best friends without letting them know as OGInstagram APK Download provide you with this tremendous feature.

OGInstagram APK Download

Official Instagram application has restricted downloading of the photos and videos and the story feed section, but if we want to take that picture, we have to screenshot it, or we have to record the screen to get that inside our galleries. It is no more a problem now as the official Instagram application allows you to download that story directly, and your friend will not know that you have downloaded it as it will not show them. Initially, when we used to take a screenshot for that particular post of the picture, it was mentioned inside the comment section of your friends that someone of your friends had taken the screenshot, and your friend will know that you have that post inside your gallery. This has Eased many users as they can download pictures and videos now.

Use 2 Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same app

There is good news for every person who has two accounts and who runs two accounts simultaneously on a single application. Official Instagram application allows you only the use of a single account, and you have to log out one account to use the other. This sometimes creates a lot of fuss for the users, and they have to log in and logout continuously.

OGInstagram APK

It is such a time-consuming procedure in a busy life of ours. It is no more a problem as Instagram allows you to use two accounts simultaneously on a single application. To use two accounts, all you have to do is follow the following procedure, and you are good to use both of your accounts in the same application.

  • First of all, you have to go to the profile section of yours, and you need to click on the tab of your profile
  • You have to scroll down the screen to the end section
  • Click on add account option there
  • Now you have to do the second step of the procedure which is writing down your name and password for that options present
  • Now save that account
  • Instagram will now show you two profile over-the-top
  • You can click on either profile you want to open

Both of them will be logged in simultaneously, and you do not have to log and out from one account to use others continuously. Such a divine feature. isn’t it?

Zoom in Profile Pictures and Photos

There is a fabulous opportunity for people who want to see and are always curious about seeing the pictures in detail. Official Instagram application has Limited the use of zooming in of profile pictures and different kind of images present over the Instagram which are shared by people but sometimes we are so into zooming and the pictures that we want to see the details of every person and not able to because it is the restriction.

OGInstagram APK

OG Instagram will provide you with the tremendous opportunity to zoom in with a different kind of picture present to Instagram. All you have to do is you have to click on that image for a few seconds, and the image will pop up in front of your in zoom form.

Start Videos with Volume Turned ON Automatically

OG Instagram provides you with an opportunity to start any video with volume turn on Automatically. This is such a fabulous feature for users as the multiple turning on sounds of different kinds of videos was very annoying. The official Instagram application requires you to turn on the tap button for the sound of different kinds of videos, even when your volume is turned on. It is no more a fuss as OG Instagram will provide you with an opportunity to see the video volume button turned on.

Download OGInsta APK Latest Version for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about OGInsta APK

What’s is OGInsta APK and how it differs from its official counterpart?

OG Instagram, where is one of the developments of third party users. It is not an official WhatsApp application as both of the parties of the official development of Instagram and OGInstagram APK Download differ. It is considered as a modded version of Instagram. Instagram provides you with tremendous features for extending your portfolio in terms of uploading pictures and videos, but it lacks a few of the baseline features, which is the use of nearly every user. Developers felt that a few of the developers developed the need and OG Instagram, and both of them differ in features.OG Instagram has even passed the official WhatsApp application in the features.

Is OGInsta APK safe? Will it cause any harm to my account and its data?

If you are still concerned about the harms that OGInstagram APK Download can create To your account, you should be free from this tension as this application is safe to your device and your data. There is no threat to all your privacy, or you are not able to lose all your data by using this modded version. It is such a magical application and provides the users with everything they need in terms of photo uploading and live streaming. It also provides you with an amazing opportunity to use two accounts simultaneously and also to download the pictures and story feeds of the friends and to copy their bio status.

From where I can download the latest version of OGInstagram APK Download?

OGInstagram APK is one of the modded version. It is not available on the Google Play Store. Instagram has set some of its terms and privacy policies, and whenever someone develops the modded versions, it violates their privacy policy. Google does not allow this application to be present on Google Play Store, so you cannot find this application. Technology is there, and to find out these modded versions, all you have to do is download it from different kinds of links available on the web. Before you download it, you should keep in mind that the link should be free of spam, and there should not be any bugs or viruses for downloading it.

The Final Verdict

OG Instagram is one of the best applications developed up till now. If you are looking for some user-friendly and memory friendly application, OG Instagram is the choice. I provide you with an amazing platform for sharing your pictures and photo streaming. So why have you been waiting for so long? Download this fabulous application in your Android Smartphones and enjoy the features it has inside it for the users. You can comment on any questions you have been the comment section given here.

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