Instagram Plus APK v10.14.0 Download For Android 2020

Instagram Plus APK Download: All of us or the majority of us are avid social media users. We are so fond of using the social media that we cannot live without this social fun of social media applications like Facebook WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, snap chat have been installed up till now, and the users love to use these applications as they provide them with variety of features to enjoy their socialization.

Instagram Plus APK Download

Instagram is one of the major platforms for sharing pictures, videos, photos, live streaming, and story feeds with friends and family that help you to extend your portfolio in terms of adding images to your already existing personality. There are a variety of other mediums to see your photo, but Instagram is typically developed to show pictures only. There are a variety of modes available on the Internet regarding these social media applications of Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram like GB Instagram, Instagram Plus and OG Instagram are one of the modded version of Instagram which has surpassed even the original form in many of the features which the application does not contain in it.

What’s Instagram Plus?

The utmost question inside your mind that is what Instagram Plus and why there was a need to develop this application despite the other technology. Instagram plus is one of the modded version and is developed by third party users. It should not have to be considered as an official part of the official Instagram application as it is not their part, and it is a completely separate entity.

Instagram Plus APK Download

It has that so much uses and has help people extend their portfolio so much that everyone around the internet asks for this application to download it inside their mobile phones. As the third-party uses develop a modded version of Instagram and, it will provide us with a few of the basic features which will be more in less than the original application, and you will love to use whatever it has provided you. for knowing its features better, you should download it in your Android devices to know what it Has sided for its users.

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Instagram Plus APK download the latest version:

Download APK (25 MB)

Instagram Plus APK Download You should go through The above present information hub before You download this magical application inside your Android devices. It will tell you about the compatibility and Developers of the official application and the memory it takes to download and install this application in your Android devices. Read it once before you follow the steps for downloading this divine application.

List Of Instagram Plus Features

There are a variety of Instagram plus features which it contains inside. Just Naming is not enough, as the detail will tell you about all it contains. Before we further tell you about Instagram Plus the divine features it contains are listed below

Download Photos, Videos, Stories and Live Stream directly to your phone

Official Instagram application does not allow you to download the photos, videos, live streaming and stories feed of your friends directly inside your phones. It takes a lot of fuss if you want that picture in your gallery, so this is not a fuss anymore as Instagram plus provides you with an opportunity to download the following things inside your mobile phones without having to screenshot for the record the screen for these features. to download the pictures, you have to click on the three-button icon present on the top right corner of the pictures, and there will be an option for download in the pictures. Click on that option, and that particular picture or video, live streaming or the story feed will be downloaded inside your mobile gallery under the heading of Instagram pictures or videos. This is such an amazing feature of Instagram plus, which is only available on this modded version of Instagram and not present on the official application of Instagram.

Follow Indicator

Instagram plus provides you with an opportunity to see the following indicator. When you use the official Instagram application, there is no such indicator of followers, and you do not know that who is following you after you follow them and who not. you always want to see who is following you and who not so this tremendous application of Instagram plus has followed indicator at a side which once enabled then tell you that who has followed you and who not. This can simply be activated when you enable this option by going into the setting section of Instagram Plus, scroll there, find the option, activate it, and hence it will be activated.

View Full-Sized Profile Pictures

Instagram plus allows you the option to view the full-size profile pictures of your friends and family groups. It has always enabled you to view the details of different types of pictures and images with your friends here. you are also able to see the videos and the status. it is one of the great features of Instagram plus as the official Instagram application does not provide you to see the detailed images, and they hamper you to see the pictures in detail. you need first to keep pressing for more than 2 seconds, and it will soon be zoomed for you in front of your eyes.

Hide View Stories in Instagram Plus

We always want to see different types of stories that our true friends share on the side. The story feed of them can be seen, and you can hide, and your friend will not know that you have seen their story. In this way, you will be able to see what is going inside their life and also your name will not come there. This is one of the great features of Instagram Plus, and this will enable you to hide while still being able to see the life of others

Start Watching Videos always with Volume ON

when you use Instagram the different videos are stuck and you need to frequently turn on the volume button for turning on the music of that particular video. This is so annoying sometimes as you are not in a mood to press the volume on the button again and again. there is good news for you guys that if you download WhatsApp plus in your Android devices, you are freed from this fatigue as you can start watching videos always with the volume on

Other Exciting Features Of Instagram Plus

There are a variety of other exciting features of Instagram Plus, and Instagram has provided you with the features that are not yet finished.

Share URL directly for specific Image and Video

You can share URL directly to specific images and videos outside the Instagram like Facebook, WhatsApp or Tiktok. The Official Instagram application has not allowed its users to enable this feature inside the Android devices. You cannot share any picture, video or live streaming outside Instagram to any other external source like Facebook. Still, it is not a problem at all as you can download WhatsApp plus in your Android devices and can share the images and videos outside the Instagram world to any platform you want.

Copy Comments and Bios of friends

You can copy the comments and bios of your friends. This is one of the great features as we are saved from the fuss of typing it all ourselves and then placing it where we want. this application feature allows you to directly copy any comment or the bio profile of your friend, and you can simply paste it wherever you want. For the use of this feature, there exists only one word, AMAZING!!

InBuilt Translator

The great news for the users who have their friends living in foreign is that there is the presence of an inbuilt translator inside Instagram Plus, and it allows you to download multiple translators from external sources to talk to your friends who are living abroad and who do not know your language. you can translate any text you want in any language you want. for translation purposes, all you have to do is click and press on that text with you want to translate, and an option for translation into various languages will popup. Click on the option of your choice to translate that.


WhatsApp plus has provided you with one of the best features ever, which includes the customization option. The customization option allows you to customize the themes and videos according to your own choice. You can even change the themes according to your will, and colour will be shown what you have activated. Different themes are available, with you can change it with whatsoever you like. The option for customization has not allowed by the Instagram official application

Download Instagram Plus Latest Version (Official)

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Plus (FAQS)

What is Instagram Plus?
Instagram plus is one of the modded version, which is developed by third-party developers and hence should not be considered as a development of official applications of Instagram. It is the mode and is considered as one of the modded version. Developers of both parties are different, and Instagram plus has even won the race of features than the official Instagram application.

Is Instagram Plus safe?
Instagram Plus is a safety device as it allows you photo-sharing and lives streaming. The application threatens no user and does not spoil your data. It is a safe application which one should have inside Android devices if the Android is compatible with the information given in the information bar.

How do I download and Install Instagram Plus?
If you are worried about the downloading process, you should not be worried as all the details about downloading in the Instagram plus are given in the installation guideline. You should follow those guidelines, and you can reach your destination by simply following those steps which are written in the guideline section of the article.

Installation Guide

Installation for Instagram plus is straightforward as it allows you to. There is the availability of such guides all over the internet, but we provide you with factual information that will help you, and by following those steps, you can reach your desired application. For downloading that, go to your privacy and enable the download from unknown sources. Type Instagram Plus on Google search bar, and it will give you links to download it. Click on the ant link you like and download it inside your Android devices. Now when it gets downloaded, you can click on it to enable the option of installation. Once installed, you can make an account by providing all the necessary information, and you are now allowed to use Instagram Plus’s latest version.

The Final Verdict

In this article, we have tried to give you maximum information on which Instagram plus hold for its users. You should go through this article to know the maximum about magical features in this application container and how amazing the features are. Download this magical application right now in your Android devices to dive into the pool of images, videos, and photo sharing on the world of Instagram plus. if you are worried about any other feature, you can comment on your query in the comment sections, and we will give you the correct answers to your questions.

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