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Were you looking for the updated version of GBWhatsApp APK Download for an extended period and were not able to find a trusted site? Then probably you are at the right place because our site is a hub of different modded versions of WhatsApp and Instagram. You can get all previous, old, new, and latest versions of different modded versions of Instagram and WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp APK is one of the most used modded version of WhatsApp as it is user-friendly and provides a hub of features to the users and that in consumption of a minimal amount of memory. You all are familiar with modded versions in this current era of technology, and you have known them for ages. These modded versions are developed by different developers and not by official developers of WhatsApp. These have more enhanced and better features as compared to the official WhatsApp and have passed and quality to the official WhatsApp. The previous modded versions of GB whats app are which include version 7.10, version 7.20, version 7.99, version 8.10, version 8.20, and version 8.00, are installed by a large number of people, and their numbers are increasing with every passing day.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GB WhatsApp launched its new versions sensing the modification in technology and the boredom of its users. It has recently launched a new version of WhatsApp what is called GBWhatsApp APK 10.42 version, and this is an up-to-date version of WhatsApp and has a variety of features which are given in detail below. I am a hundred percent sure that once you go through these features, you will be compelled to download this application on your phone and enjoy the features it has.

It has one of the best features of anti-ban functioning, which is not provided by any other modded version. Previous modded versions were prone to blockage, and WhatsApp have blocked many modded versions of WhatsApp before as well, but this version is completely anti Ban, and you cannot get blocked by WhatsApp even if WhatsApp targets your account on GB WhatsApp version 10.42

GBWhatsApp Download

Our site is a hub of these modded versions, and if you are one finding the trusted site for downloading the best of the modded versions, you are definitely at the correct place. all the downloading links are given at our site, and you can get this application in a moment of tap to that installing option.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsApp download latest version Official  (2020)

GB WhatsApp (v10.42)

Download GBWA APK

GBWhatsApp Transparent (v10.20)

Download GBPlus APK (48.8 MB)

WhatsApp Aero (v8.21)

Download WA AERO (62.2 MB)

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GB WhatsApp MOD Information

Below we have given all the information regarding GB WhatsApp to help you to download this application on your mobile phones. Read this information to know if you are eligible for downloading this application in mobile phones to enjoy the coolest feature any modded version has ever provided.

Version: 10.42
Size: 57 MB
Update: June 15, 2020
Available at: Google Play
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
GB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 2020
GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsApp Download

Our site has updated all the versions of GB WhatsApp the oldest to new and the latest version. All the links are given at our site, and you can check this site to know all the versions and to download the version you like. The latest version is VERSION 8. 25 is also given at our site. The versions, GBWhatsApp APK, has so far.

GBWhatsApp APK All Versions (Old to New & Latest)

  • v 7.10
  • v 7.20
  • v 7.99
  • v 8.00
  • v 8.05
  • v 8.10
  • v 8.20
  • v 8.25
  • v 8.26
  • v 8.40
  • v 10.42

What is the latest version of GBWhatsApp?

Our site has updated the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK. The latest version for GBWhatsApp APK is version 10.42. download this version on your mobile phones to enjoy the coolest features ever. These exciting features are available to you in a click of the downloading option given at our site for your convenience.

Features Overview of GBWhatsApp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK Download

Every new version brings some exciting features. Similarly, the new version of GB WhatsApp 10.42                                             has brought a few of the coolest features you can never get which include:

  • Changing the theme of your own choice
  • you can hide the chat profile you are talking to
  • Hide the writing status of the person
  • you can hide your recording voice status
  • you are connectable with WhatsApp web, but the feature does not work here
  • there is a possibility of creation of new themes
  • you cannot reply to any message you want
  • you can send audios up 100MB
  • you can edit video status up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
  • you can enable different passwords
  • there is the availability of message scheduler
  • amazing text styles are present
  • variety of cool launcher icons
  • you can change the notification bar of your own choice
  • there is log availability
  • you can change the video player
  • multiple GIFs are present
  • for applying different time, hide your online status
  • launcher icons are present
  • variety of new sticker, emoji are present
  • backup and restore function
  • you can send more than ten pictures at a time
  • you can send large files to your friends
  • you can hide your online status
  • you can hide the double tick option
  • there is the presence of the always-online feature
  • you can copy the status of your friends
  • downloading the status options
  • you can use multiple accounts using same WhatsApp
  • there is the presence of language changer, and you can translate in any language you want
  • you can use Dual WhatsApp accounts all
  • features available in version 10.42
  • you can change the theme of your own choice

Details of all those above features

GBWhatsApp APK Download

  • WhatsApp allows you to hide double ticks. The ticks won’t turn to blue until you reply to the chat with your friend. There is also a show option for hiding your online status. Online status can remain hidden online or offline. No one can see your online status without your Permission.
  • There is an option for backup and restore function in case your phone gets lost, or your data gets removed from a mobile phone accidentally. You can recover the data from your Google account if you have enabled the backup to restore a function in your mobile phones.
  • A variety of new emojis are present, and you can download the new emojis and stickers of your own choice. You can even download and make the stickers of your friends by using Sticker application.
  • There is no option for changing different themes if you get bored from one. We often get tired of the same themes, but GBWhatsApp APK has brought this option for changing different themes if you have become Bored from the previous one. You can even download different themes and change themes of your own choice by using colours.
  • Another option for customization of chats. You can even customize the chatting screens and notification bar. You can customize the messages according to your own choice to make WhatsApp a Blossom experience for you.
  • There is an option for anti revoke of messages, and if you enable anti revoke for messages, you can read the message even if your friend has deleted the message for you. There is an option for reading the status of your friend even if your friend has deleted that status by enabling anti revoke function of messages.
  • There is the availability of privacy options. You can hide the profile picture of the person you are talking to. You can even hide the name of the person you are talking to. This is a fantastic option as it allows you your complete privacy, and people would not know whom you are talking to.
  • You can disable your writing status while you type the message. There is the word written ‘typing’ on the top of the messages. This can be removed if you disable this writing status option. You can even disable the recording status when you record the audio for WhatsApp.

What’s new in GBWA APK latest version (v8.26)

The new version of GB WhatsApp app version brings you enormous features that are new, and features are trending all over the internet.

  • Anti-ban properties
  • fixed added stickers
  • the new version is bug-free
  • your mobile is not prone to crash, and it is Crash free
  • added you in different groups can call the group participants
  • there is the new update for the base
  • customize emojis can be added

Advantages of using GB MOD

GBWhatsApp APK Download

As you all know that GB WhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp and is not developed by the official WhatsApp developers. It has New exciting, and coolest features that no other modded version provides you. The best part of using GB WhatsApp MOD is that it can run in Android version 4.0, iOS, Java, and other devices as well. All you have to do to enjoy these exciting features is to download and install this application inside your mobile devices and start enjoying the best features you will never know.

Disadvantages of using GBWA

One of the most dreadful disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp MOD is you are prone to getting Ban if WhatsApp senses your presence in modded versions. They may block your account from using. Some people get temporarily blocked, but if you have done some major problem, WhatsApp may permanently block your account from using WhatsApp. so it is advised to use temporary mobile phones and use WhatsApp MOD on accounts for chatting purposes only.

People Also Ask About GB Whatsapp

What is GBWhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp app version is a modified version of WhatsApp. It is not a part of the official WhatsApp site, but third-party developers develop it. Various modded versions are trending over the internet while GB WhatsApp is still at the top as it provides you with the majority number of features you have always dreamt of using but never used in real life. But now you can use these applications by just installing GB WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

If you are a few of the people who are concerned about the safety of GB WhatsApp, let me clear your fears that this application is safe to use but not 100%. It is, therefore, advise you to use a temporary account for using GB WhatsApp by providing your temporary number. Do not share your important information and documents over GB WhatsApp, as you are prone to get banned by using WhatsApp. Also, it is advised not to use a single feature of GBWhatsApp APK more frequently as it is against the terms and privacy options of WhatsApp developers, and they may Ban you from using it.

How do I download GBWhatsApp?

Downloading link for GB WhatsApp is given at our site. Click on that particular downloading link and install this application in your mobile phones to enjoy the great feature it provides you.

How to use GBWhatsApp safely

For using GB WhatsApp safely, you should visit our GB safety guidelines, and if you follow that guidance, you will never be blocked from using WhatsApp.

Installation guide

Installation guidelines for GB WhatsApp include

  • Enabled installation from unknown sources
  • Install application

GBWhatsApp APK Download

  • Make your account

GBWhatsApp APK Download

First of all, open settings from your mobile phones and then click on the privacy options and enable installation from unknown sources there. Open the GBWhatsApp APK site and click on the downloading link, and this application will start downloading on your mobile phones. Once it is downloaded, open the application of GBWhatsApp Apk version and click on the install application option. When it is installed, make your account by providing your phone number and other necessary information, and you are now free to use GBWhatsApp APK.


There is a lot more to fall in love with GBWhatsApp APK, and you will get to know that once you install this application in your Android devices. I recommend you to use your secondary phone number to use this application on your mobile phone as you are prone to get banned by official WhatsApp developers. You can get the downloading link for GBWhatsApp APK at our site. You can also get the link for other modded versions of GBWhatsApp here like NS WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, YO WhatsApp, GB Instagram, and Instagram Plus. Keep visiting our site for other modded versions of different applications which are coming soon. Stay tuned to enjoy upcoming modded versions on our page.

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