GB Plus APK Download Latest version 10.42 For Android 2020

GB Plus APK Download is one of the largest social media application which is used worldwide. People have been using WhatsApp for ages to chat with their friends. The sole purpose was, which is also the Hallmark of WhatsApp was to allow the people to chat and to lessen the distances between the people living in different parts of the world. It has limited the distance, and people able to talk to each other in no time.

GB Plus APK Download

WhatsApp has allowed many people around the globe to enjoy the best chatting experience in terms of the best emojis available. The WhatsApp has increased its users, and there are more than 25 million users of WhatsApp and users for the WhatsApp are increasing. You may easily download this application in your Android devices and enjoy the chatting experience for yourself. WhatsApp always carries what a user requires, but it lacks a few of the baseline features which must be present inside that and which are the needs of the current users.

GB Plus APK Download

The WhatsApp features, which were the basic features, were fulfilled by different modded versions. There are numerous modded versions available on the internet like OG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, and aero WhatsApp. These all modded versions have fulfilled what users have wanted in terms of Technology and even passed the official WhatsApp application in terms of tremendous features they contain.

GB Plus APK Download Official Version


Below is all the concerned information regarding the file. Give the article a mission read before you download this Android application inside your phones or your tablets. this information is very crucial before you download it as it will help you with the smooth running of the application in your Android devices.

Version 10.42
Size 56 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Last Updated July 3,2020
The memory it takes is only Limited as compared to the diverse feature it provides to its users. There are more than ten million-plus downloads of this application up till now, and GB WhatsApp has increased its platform in no time. The version for GBWA is the latest, and it is the most updated application up to the date.

List Of All Exclusive Features Of GB Plus APK Download

GB+ Anti Ban and Ad-free APK


The latest version of the modded version of WhatsApp, which is the GB WhatsApp version 10.42, allows you the antiban function. It is one of the most important functions and helped users to use these modded versions without being banned from the official WhatsApp application. The antiban function is one of the most advantageous function as if WhatsApp catches the users using these modded versions, they block those accounts either a temporary or permanent blocking of accounts is done for the modded versions depending upon the luck of the person, but the good news for you guys is that it contains antiban function and you are free from banning.

GB plus: Hide Last Seen And Blue Ticks

GB Plus APK Download

GB WhatsApp allows you to hide the blue ticks. Whenever we read the message of a person ticks turns to blue on official WhatsApp application, but there is a piece of good news for the busy users, and they seem to read the message without replying is that the text will not turn to Blue whenever you read that particular message if you use GBWA.

Auto Reply Messages

the GB WhatsApp allows you to schedule messages. You have just to type the name of the person you want to send a message and the message you want to convey to that person. This will help you in terms of conveying the message, and by allowing the scheduling of messages, you can convey whatever you want to any person, present anywhere.

Hide Forwarded Tag Message

Various kinds of forwarded messages are labelled as forwarded on them if you just simply forward them from one person to another. This forward tag will let people know that you do not type this message, and this is a forwarded message. You can undo sent messages if you enable that feature of disabling this option in the settings of GB WhatsApp’s latest version, version 10.42.

Hiding views on the status

We are always fond of reading and viewing the status of our friends. We can easily hide the views on the status if we limit the people there. The only thing we have to do to protect the view on status is that enable this option in the setting section of your phone and hide that particular option. It is a tremendous feature, and your friends will not know that you have seen their stories despite the fact that you have already seen their stories.

DND Mode- Block Voice and Videos calls

GB Plus APK Download
Whenever a person is using WhatsApp, there is labelled as in online status over-the-top. You can hide that particular thing if you disable this option present on the official WhatsApp. Hiding the online presence is very easy when you use the latest version of GB WHATSAPP VERSION 7.99, and this is not provided to you by the official WhatsApp application developer.

In-Built WhatsApp Locker

Hiding important conversations, there is not a possibility to hide important conversations inside the official WhatsApp application, and our chats and other data are prone to leak when we give our phone to a friend for using or for taking the pictures. GB WhatsApp allows you this Fabulous option of hiding important conversations. As you can hide the important stuff of yours without letting other people know it.

New and different emoji

There is the presence of new and different kinds of emojis on the latest version of WhatsApp, which is version 7.99, and you can enjoy these emojis inside your phone by using them in different kinds of chats you do with your friends and family.

Play WhatsApp Videos With Your Favourite Video Player

GB Plus APK Download
WhatsApp application allows you to see the media even before you download that particular media inside your mobile devices. Downloading is a crucial part of seeing the media in official WhatsApp application, but this feature is not important for GB WhatsApp as it allows you to see the media before you download that particular thing inside your device.

Send HQ Images in GB Plus APK Download

GB Plus APK Download

GB WhatsApp application thereby allows only sending of 10 pictures at a time to your friends, but if you use this GB WhatsApp latest version 7.99, you can send a good quantity of pictures at a single time. It is such an amazing feature as it allows you to enjoy the WhatsApp experience without taking too much time.

Autoplay mode

auto mode allows you to automatically play different kinds of videos and GIFs inside your WhatsApp application. you can just click on them to play them automatically.

< i class="wp-svg-point-right point-right"> Switching to different themes

you can switch to the theme of your own choice by the latest version of the GB application. we want the things getting done according to our taste, and this is not a feature present in the official WhatsApp application and you are limited to a single theme, but if you use GB WhatsApp application, you can switch to different themes, and you can take the theme of your choice.

Sending 100 documents at a time

GBWA allows you to send a hundred documents at one time. Sending a large number of documents was hampered on the official WhatsApp application, and there is a specific limit for you to send you documents at a single time. This is no more a problem for business-related field people as they want to always share documents over the WhatsApp. Some of the people who belong to businesses have been annoyed by this, but if they download GB WhatsApp, they can send more than a hundred documents to the friends at once.

Send live location

there is a fabulous feature for sending live location to your friends who want to come to your place. It has allowed people to reach the destination in no time, and you can send the live location to any person, anytime just by the use of the internet.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about GB Plus APK Download

What’s Gb Plus APK?
There are many questions which Run inside the mind of the users during or before they download a particular application. We have already known the questions which will come into your mind, and we have tried to answer these questions. Give it a read to clear your queries regarding GB WhatsApp latest version.

From where I can download Gb Plus?
Many people are confused because after reading this article, they will go to the Google Play Store directly to get this modded version from Google Play Store. It is told you beforehand that this application is not present on Google Play Store as it has violated its terms of the privacy policy, and Google does not allow it on. You can just get this latest version from different kinds of links. You can only get this application from our side and that in a single click. All you have to do is type this the name of the application that is GB WhatsApp latest version 7.9, and the links will popup. Click on those links to download and install it. Installation guidelines have been described earlier, so follow the steps to reach your destination of GB WhatsApp.

From where I can update Gb Plus APK in future?
You can update this version full of wonderful features by just being short of worry. It is mentioned again that just don’t worry about the update as the application is the same as the Google application, and it will be automatically updated when the applications of Google will get updated. so stay away from the headache of the update.

GB Plus Download APK Official Version

The Final Words

if you have read this article, I am sure that you must have made your specific mind to download this application inside your Android devices or Android apps if decided yet, this article must have helped you to reach a particular conclusion. This application is such a treat for every person out there and has helped people to extend their profiles. Let me ask you that what are you waiting for? download this application, which is the GB WhatsApp inside your Android devices, to enjoy the best chatting experience.

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