GB Instagram APK 4.10 Download Latest Version (Official) 2020

GB Instagram APK is one of the modded versions of Instagram, which was developed by third-party developers and had nothing to do with the official developers of Instagram as both of the developers are different, and it is developed by various parties. Instagram is one of the social media applications and allows you to share pictures, live location, and allows you to live to stream with your friends and family groups.

GB Instagram APK Download

It is such a fantastic application that will enable you to share your portfolio with your friends who know the form. It will allow you or gives you the opportunity to Instagram and, on the one hand, is used for sharing your photos which is the Hallmark of Instagram and on the other hand, it allows you to chat with your friends and also share your live streaming while you are living at a particular location. Various modded versions are developed, and GB Instagram is one of the modded versions of Instagram, which has an extended family.

GB Instagram APK Download

GB Instagram APK Download Letast: Downloading link for the latest GB Instagram is given at our site, and you may check that link to get this wonderful application in your devices. the links May be available on another side on the internet, but this site provides you with the links tree of spam, and the links are free of viruses or bugs which may be present in other links over the internet.

What’s GB Instagram

GB Instagram is the mode. It is developed by some third-party developers, which made Instagram features more divine by adding some of the features. It not only allowed the users to enjoy the original Instagram features but also have allowed them to enjoy the variety of the features which were not available on official Instagram applications, and it was the use of many users. All the complete information for GB Instagram, its uses and Android required for downloading is given below, and you need to read it before you download to check the compatibility of this application with your Android device. It should be remembered that this application is not for iOS devices, so they should remain away from it.

GB Instagram Download Latest Version (Official)

Download GBInstagram APK latest version Official (v4.10)

   Download APK (38.5 MB)

GB Instagram APK Information

APP NameGBInstagram
Compatible with Android Version 4.3+
Version 4.10
Total Downloads 1,000,000,000+
APP Size 38 MB
Provided By GbPlusAPK.Net
Last Updated1 day ago

Features Of GB Instagram

  • Its is made on top of the latest Instagram app version
  • If you read someone’s story, you can hide it.
  • You Can Mark any message with a star.
  • You can turn off the left and right dragging option.
  • Tons of themes available to download.
  • Users can download images, videos, and GIFs from Instagram.
  • Built-in auto translator: For those who have foreign friends.
  • You can copy and paste the caption text from the Instagram post.
  • I added a zoom option for images.
  • Can be able to Zoom profile picture.
  • Dual Instagram: Can use Two accounts of Instagram on one phone with GB Instagram.
  • Can copy anyone’s bio.
  • No-root needed.
  • No Ban issues.
  • Free without any additional or hidden charge
  • App Updates: GB Instagram gets updated regularly when new version releases.
  • and much more coming out soon

Most Useful Features of GB Instagram

Sometimes only the names of the features or not sufficient as many of the users do not know what great features this application has inside it or how to use those particular features even if they know about them. Below I am going to tell each of the features in detail, and it will take maximum benefit you in terms of using GB Instagram in your Android devices.

Download images and videos: GB Instagram allows you with the beautiful feature of downloading pictures and videos which you like on Instagram while you scroll down. The official Instagram application does not allow you to download any Amazing video which you want, and it does not allow the users to share videos and pictures outside the Instagram, and external download is hampered here. Still, you can download the images and videos you like on Instagram by using GB Instagram. The downloading is quite an easy and straightforward procedure. Only you have to click on the three-button icon available on the top right corner of any video or picture. It will give you an option for downloading. Click on that option, and the image of the video you download will be saved in your gallery under the name of GB Instagram photos and videos. You can just keep them, or use can even share them on external sources like Facebook or WhatsApp.

Dual Instagram:

Official GB Instagram allows you the dual Instagram program. The formal Instagram application does not provide dual Instagram usage, and this is such a helping feature as most of us have a business account and a personal account. It is challenging to use both of the statements in the same application. You have to frequently login and out of the Instagram while you try to maintain both of your accounts portfolios. Still, if you download GB Instagram in your Android devices, it will ease your life as you can only shift between the statements in a single click.


We all want things to get done according to our own choice. The customization option is one of the most beneficial options of GB Instagram, as it allows you to customize your themes according to your personal preference. This customization option is not present in the official Instagram application, and you have to live in that same red-blue theme of formal Instagram application. Still, while using GB Instagram, you can enjoy the subject of any colour as you desire.

Copy Anyone’s bio and Post Caption:

You can copy anyone’s bio status by using GB Instagram. When we like someone’s bio or status update, we always want that GB Instagram allows you to simply copy that particular bio or status update of your friend in just clicking that. If you use the official WhatsApp application, you have to do the fatigue of first typing that status yourself in your notepad and then applying it whenever you want. You can get rid of this fuss if you use this particular application.

Copy anyone’s bio and post caption WhatsApp Instagram does not allow you to copy anyone’s bio for posting different kinds of a caption. Still, if you use GB Instagram, this feature becomes very easy as it has enabled copying the captions and bio of your friends.

Hide your online presence:

while sometimes you are in a mood of scrolling only and not replying to your friends and to chat. You can hide your online presence and enjoy the scolding experience Only by using GB Instagram. The official Instagram application shows your online presence, and this cannot be hampered. Still, you can hide your online presence if you disable this option in the settings menu bar and get yourself saved from the fatigue of replying to your friends when you are not even in the mood to.

Some more features of GB Instagram

Pals! The features of Instagram are not yet finished as it has so many features that they are not even completely written down. The variety of the features which it provides you with, I have given below.

Mark any message with a star:

While your official Instagram application does not allow you to mark any message with star and you have to save that message separately as it does not allow you to mark that important. if you GB Instagram you are allowed to use the option of starring at the message which will remind you in later stages of your life that a particular message was important you can star that message by enabling the starring of messages option which is present in the setting section of the GB Instagram Android application.

Built-in auto translator:

GB Instagram saves you from the fuss of downloading multiple translators for your foreign friends. Instagram does not allow you any translator, and you have to download the different translators from the Google Play Store to help you to know what your friends are saying and to translate what you want to say to them in their language. Translator allows you to translate any text in your language for doing this particular thing. All you need to do is click on that text, which you need to translate; an option for translation will popup. You need to press that option, which will give you numerous options of languages in the language of your own choice in which you want to translate that text, and it will be done for you in nanoseconds.

Zoom in for profile pictures and Images:

Official Instagram application does not give you the feature for zooming in and or out of the profile pictures and different images that your friends have shared. Or the videos, you are not able to zoom in pictures even if you want to see the details of the image. Well, it is not an issue now as GB Instagram provides you with a tremendous opportunity to zoom different pictures that you see while scrolling on Instagram. For zooming, we have to do is click on that image and keep pressing for about a few seconds, and it will be zoom in front of your eyes.

Anti-ban APK and No root needed:

GB Instagram carries inside and amazing options, anti Ban function, and according to this anti Ban function, you are safe from banning from the official site of Instagram. Many modded versions are not allowed by Instagram as it is against their privacy policy. Other modded versions are thrown to banning, and Instagram may temporarily or permanently block you if they found your account being made on it. Still, when you use GB Instagram, it has anti Ban properties, and no root is needed for its working.

Frequently Asked Questions about GB Instagram

Is GB Instagram Safe?

All the worries regarding the safety of Instagram should be dropped as GB Instagram is one of the safest Android application for sharing pictures with and live streaming. It will not spoil any of your data, and it is Android friendly application.

What is GB Instagram?

GB, Instagram is considered a mod. By mod, we mean any application which is not a part of the original form but is its replica with more enhanced features. An official Instagram application does not develop it. It is produced by some third party uses, which felt a need for making an application that will fill all that users required in terms of photo sharing and scrolling. This application has caused many users happy with its experience.

How to Download GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is a modded version and is not available on Google Play Store as it is against the privacy policy which Instagram has made. It violates there terms of privacy and has Google does not allow it on Google Play Store. For getting this tremendous application, you have to search it in Google search path, and various links for downloading this application will popup. Click on those links to get this wonderful application. the GB INSTAGRAM downloading guidelines are given above, and you need to follow them to reach your destination.

The Final Words

GB Instagram has a new variety of features that are not provided to you by any Mod available. It allows you to download pictures, videos and live streaming of your friends and different family circle. It allows you to remain scrolling on Instagram without being online. You can dive into the world of GB Instagram by just downloading this application on your devices. So what are you waiting for? Download the magical application by following the guidelines given and enjoy the divine features it provides you.

   Download GB Instagram APK (Official)

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