FMWhatsapp APK 9.0 Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban) 2020

FMWhatsApp APK Download There are tons and thousands of modes available over the internet and these are getting fame among the teenagers as they are bored of the same gloomy life and boring features and want something good to Blossom their life back. FMWhatsApp APK is one of the modern versions of WhatsApp which is developed by the third party and you should not consider it development by official WhatsApp site.

as the old version of WhatsApp is a boring experience, people nowadays are looking for modded versions that they can trust and which can run smoothly without crashing their phones. The anti-bug feature is one of the most important features in which users want to be there. in the modded version. If you install FM WhatsApp in your mobile phones get free of the worry for the safety of this application as it is bug-free and Virus-free. The last applications which people developed were facing crash of the application and some people also lost some of the data but this version 9.0 of FM WhatsApp is totally up to date and virus and bug-free.

FMWhatsapp APK Download

The reason why people are installing these modded versions in mobile phones is that mods are always better and flexible than the original WhatsApp application. Original WhatsApp application is full of different features but there lack some basic features that users are interested in and which is provided by these modded versions of WhatsApp. A variety of other versions like GB WhatsApp, GB Instagram, Instagram plus, WhatsApp plus, NS WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp are also available at our site and you may check these versions as well to find out the best version which suits you according to your taste.

FMWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version

Every new MOD is a new version and is full of exciting features that you may not have used before. that’s why people are preparing modded versions over the official WhatsApp application nowadays, as it has a more flexible user interface and allows customization of the chart and a better privacy option. you can get all the modded versions to link here and download these modded versions to enjoy the coolest features ever.

What’s FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which is developed by a third-party developer. It is not developed by the official WhatsApp developers and it will not be considered as their origin. It is a completely separate modded version of WhatsApp with a flexible user interface and provides people with ample opportunities to enjoy a variety of different features that are not given by any other modded version available on the Internet. when once you install this application in your mobile phones you will get to know how amazing features this application has and how awesome these features are. you will then yourself be compelled to delete the official boring version of WhatsApp from your Android devices.

FMWhatsapp APK Download

FMWhatsApp APK Download official version 2020

Download FMWA APK (52.1 MB)

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We have given you the complete information for FMWhatsApp apk version 8.0 below. You should read this information of FMWhatsApp Before downloading it in your mobile phones as if the application is not compatible with your mobile devices your phone might get Crash or you may suffer a variety of other problems. Give it a quick read Before downloading and installing FMWhatsApp apk version 8.20 in your

Version 9.0
Size 58 MB
Published by GbPlus
Available at Google Play
Updated June 29,2020
FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2020
FMWhatsapp APK Download

FMWhatsApp APK Download (52 MB)

The downloading link for FMWhatsApp’s latest version is given here. Click on the link to download and install this application in your mobile phones.

Amazing Features Of FMWhatsApp

Only the names for the features is not sufficient, so we have given you all the particular detail regarding each of the feature so you may have a better understanding of features for downloading this in your Android devices and Smartphones. Give it a read Before downloading

Privacy Features Of FMWhatsApp

Privacy issues are the main highlight nowadays as a variety of Android applications do not provide us with sufficient privacy options and people may sneak into your life very easily. FM WhatsApp APK has settled this problem the users are facing and has provided you with better privacy options so as to block people from poking nose in your personal matters.

Freeze your last scene:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

you can freeze your last seen status by using FMWhatsApp APK in your Android devices and people may not know that when you have last opened this application in your devices. They might not keep an eye on your login in your WhatsApp account and will not disturb your private life.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

you can hide the status of your view by using FMWhatsApp very easily. According to this feature if you enable this feature you are able to see the status of your friends without showing your name in their views status and your friend will never be able to know that you have seen his status or not. Amazing feature it is. No?

Show blue ticks after Reply:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

FMWhatsApp gives you a fabulous feature of showing blue ticks after you reply to a particular chat. Official WhatsApp application turns the text blue when once you read the message but FMWhatsApp does not do so. The ticks only get blue when you reply to the chats and will not turn blue earlier if you read the messages. You can easily read the messages without being caught by your friends or business partners.

Hide delivered and blueTick:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

If you disable the option to delivering blue ticks, the text for delivering your message will not be activated in your friend’s chat. You can, therefore, hide your delivered blue ticks and enjoy this amazing feature that FMWhatsApp APK provides you.

Hide typing and recording action text:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

There is an enhanced feature of hiding Your typing and audio recording action text. As we all know when we use official WhatsApp application and we type something we see a word written typing over the surface of our WhatsApp but if you disable your typing action your friend won’t know that you are typing despite of the fact that you are typing actually. You can even disable the audio recording action text and according to this option, you can and turn the text off audio recording even when you are recording and audio for someone.

Go Stealth With These Awesome FMWhatsApp Features

Message a number without saving any contact:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

Official WhatsApp application does not allow you to message someone without saving your contact. it becomes too time-consuming when you are short of time that you are in a situation to first save the contact of a particular person and then you are able to message that person but FMWhatsApp provides you an opportunity that you can message any number without saving contact of that number in your mobile phones and it saves you from the fatigue of frequent saving of numbers when you are short of time.

Disable forwarded tag on messages:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

When you forward a particular message to the WhatsApp it is labeled as forwarded over that message but you can disable this word easily on FMWhatsApp if you to activate this amazing feature.

Select the contacts who may able to call you:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

WhatsApp allows any contact to call you at any time of the day or night with the availability of the internet. It may sometimes disturb your busy schedule because there are some people out there who are habitable of calling us again and again. You can select the contacts who may be able to reach you by using FMWhatsApp APK. the number of contacts who make a call your feature should be used for a short period of time as it may create problems in some emergency cases as the people may not be able to reach you on time.

Anti-Delete status:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

There is an Option for anti Delete messages. We all know that WhatsApp now provides us an opportunity to delete the messages which we have sent by mistake or when we have changed our mood but if enable and anti delete messages over the FMWhatsApp, your friends will not be able to delete that message and you can read the message who he has deleted by activating the anti revoke function provided by FMWhatsApp APK version 8.20.

Anti-Delete messages:

FMWhatsapp APK Download

If you enable anti delete status you will be able to read the deleted status of your friends and business circle. Ordinary WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with this feature but you may enjoy this feature by using the FMWhatsApp APK.


Are you really bored with that same green theme and the same launcher icon for WhatsApp and finding something new? You are probably at the right application site. FMWhatsApp provides you with an opportunity to change themes and icons for your mobile phones when you are bored with that same green theme. You can even get a variety of themes from the installation of FMWhatsApp only and that without spending a single penny. isn’t it an amazing option for you? So what are you waiting for? Download FMWhatsApp APK application in your mobile phones to enjoy the coolest features any modded version can never provide you with.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About FM Whatsapp

What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?
There is no difference between FM WhatsApp and offices WhatsApp site despite that FM WhatsApp is a modded version and is developed by some third party developers while official WhatsApp is developed by official developers of WhatsApp. Both applications are used for texting, chatting, sending audios, videos, live location and story feed. The only difference is about the developers and some enhanced features which FMWhatsApp being a modded version provide you.

What’s FMWhatsapp? Is it any good?
If you want to know all about the word FMWhatsApp, continue reading this article and in this article, we have provided with a maximum of the best information regarding FMWhatsApp. As stated earlier that FMWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which is developed by some third party and not by the party of official WhatsApp developers. It has many advantages like the flexible interface of users, a variety of themes that you can download very easily, a variety of stickers, and anti Ban function.

From where I can download FMWhatsapp?

You can download FMWhatsApp from our site as it is the most trusted side available on the Internet. the links for downloading the FM WhatsApp may also be given by other sides available but the links may be spam or are full of bugs and viruses which will crash your experience of using these modded versions. These modded versions are not available on Google Play Store as it is against the terms and privacy options of official WhatsApp developers so Google has not allowed this application on the Google Play Store. These applications are available on various websites and our website is one of the top websites from where you can get this link to download in your mobile devices and enjoy the best experience with these modded versions.

FMWhatsApp can be installed by clicking the downloading link given at our site. Open your mobile phones and in the setting options, open the privacy, and then enable the installation from unknown sources. Click on the downloading given link there and after downloading open the file from your gallery and click on the install application button. Once this application is installed in your mobile phones make a WhatsApp account and enjoy the experience with these modded versions of WhatsApp.

The Final Words

FMWhatsApp provides you with variety of enhanced features like anti-Ban and anti revoke functions, anti delete messages and status features, download and backup features, variety of themes and stickers, sending audio and videos of larger size, sending more than 10 images at one time and sending large files to the business circle, even the use Dual accounts by using same FMWhatsApp APK. So why are you waiting for so long? Download FMWhatsApp APK version 8.20 in your mobile devices at an expense of very low memory to enjoy the coolest features ever.

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